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 A gaming community with a drive for player care and a passion for making custom gameplay.

Come and check out our Discord: discord.danklands.com

Join the server directly: play.danklands.com

The Danklands Minecraft server is based around RPG PVE Survival, with many custom mobs, items, enchantments and more to sink your teeth into. Find your way through the labyrinth to become the most powerful players on the server.

Land Claim

The Danklands supports Land Claiming! As we are mainly a PVE server, we discourage griefing and want your buildings and items to be protected. Buying more block claim space with in game money or earning it by play time is also possible!

Custom Enchantments

Looking to take your gear to a whole new level? We’ve got you covered. With over 130+ custom enchants on our server you can tweak and tinker with your items forever to make them just right for you and become unstoppable.

Minecraft MMO

As you play on the server, you’ll begin to unlock some nifty abilities which will help you in your quest to become the best. From breaking blocks in an instant, cutting down whole trees at once and much more. You’ll feel like you’ve become a god on the server.

Custom Items

Honey food? Diorite Pickaxe? Emerald armour? It’s all here! We currently support over 20 unique custom items and constantly add more.

Jobs, Mob Hunting and Economy

Our server supports a wide variety of methods to start earning in game currency. You can start earning by joining multiple jobs or even start unique Quests with fun interactions.

Players often sell unique and interesting items in the public Auction House, or make amazing builds by buying decoration blocks from the SHOP GUI,

Awesome and Useful Ranks

Sick and tired of all those pay to win servers? Well worry no more! All of our amazing rank permissions are earnable through play time and dedication alone! Paid ranks are cosmetic only! You will never feel like other players have an unfair advantage again!

Elite Mobs, Unique Bosses and Mob Arenas

The mobs on this server have quite a bite to them! They will level up along with your current weapons, armour and xp level. Custom unique bosses will also randomly spawn around the map and harbour amazing loot when killed. Team up with some buddies to take them down!

Looking for more of a grind? We have 4 custom and unique mob arenas to mow through relentless waves of blood thirsty enemies, earn unique rewards while doing so and climb to the top of the leaderboards!

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